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Church Strategy

Tools and Trends for Strategic Planning

Cameron Doolittle... having his picture taken.

Cameron serves as the President and CEO of Jill’s House at McLean Bible Church in McLean, Virginia, on the vestry at Restoration Anglican Church in Arlington, Virginia, and is a former member of the Board of Every Generation Ministries in Temecula, California.

Cameron spent a few years as a policy strategist on Capitol Hill before entering business.  At Corporate Executive Board, he built — and rebuilt — three business units that gross tens of millions annually and employ dozens of people.

Cameron Doolittle received his BA from Stanford University and his JD/MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.  But don’t hold that against him.

Cameron and his wife Carolyn live in Falls Church, Virginia, with their four children.

Cameron blogs at  He enjoys consulting and leading strategy sessions for churches and ministries.  He is available at:


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