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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Friends — Big news on all fronts. As you know, I am blessed to be the Chief Operating Officer of Jill’s House (, a respite care facility for children with special needs.

For the last two and a half months, I have turned my attention away from the blog (sorry!) to ensure that the launch of our massive new ministry went smoothly.

Praise God! It has been wonderful. We served our first group of children this weekend. The response from children, parents, caregivers, and volunteers was amazing.

God is blessing it and I have had an amazing time building it. What a gift to get to do God’s work, serving children with special needs, and actually get paid for it!

Along the way, I have had interesting adventures with, my church family at Restoration, and my own growing family here in suburban DC.

I have been blessed to get an offer from to move the ChurchStrategy blog over there. More traffic, more support, and the chance to work with Tim Dalrymple, one of my groomsmen, and one of the world’s best guys.

So watch for me over at Thanks for supporting Church Strategy!